Modular Operation Theater

Modular Operation Theater Suppliers and Manufacturers

CRPE offers precisely designed Modular Operation Theatre equipment enriched with state-of-art technologies. The most integrated functions and features are incorporated in our Modular Operation Theaters. We have designed it in such a way so as to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and safety. It is a truly modular design that makes the modification, shift, and maintenance easy. We ensure that operating room and the surgical area along with the instrument table, which is supposed to be the cleanest area, remains so with our infection control efforts done through appropriate ventilation control.

About US

Cleanroom Projects & Equipments is not just an innovative supplier of components but places the focus above all on customer-oriented system solutions – from individual development to an integrated approach. Sustainability in the sense of economic, environmental and social responsibility and the use of durable and reusable materials is very important. 



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